Photography is an art that can capture a story in one image.  The goal of the Photographer is to do exactly that, to  capture a story with one click of the shutter. They can also capture the emotion or mood of the subject/scene.  That's one of the thing that makes a photographer great.

Bradley Hughes, owner of 8th Note Photography, understands that concept of photography.  He strives hard to create an image that will impact not only the viewers but the client.  

Bradley Hughes is a self-taught photographer with 5 years of experience and two years in business.  The name 8th Note Photography comes from his other talent which is music.  Majored in Music Performance at Virginia State University with a concentration in Trumpet.  He also plays Piano.

Over a short time Bradley has partnered with other start up businesses, Pageants and Bloggers.  To name a few; Lofton Bradley (Fashion Blogger/Personal Stylist) CAPO Pageants (Shena Dixon-Mason) and Hashtag Sunglasses (Start-up Sunglasses Company).  

Bradley's goal is to be a Full-Time Photographer and to inspire a generation of young and old photographers who just started photography.